Frequently Asked Questions

What if I do not have a PayPal account?

You can complete your transaction safely using the PayPal Guest Checkout option 

How long will my order take?
For stocked wheelie bin items, dispatch and delivery is typically 3-5 days from date of order for metro areas, and can take longer for regional areas.

How much will the delivery cost?
Environmental Bin Sales have a flat delivery fee starting at $33 for Sydney Metro. So the more bins you order, the more you save on freight. Please visit our Shipping & Returns page for further information on delivery.

Do I need to pay before delivery?
Yes, for new customers payment is required prior to delivery. Regular customers can apply for an account after making a minimum of 3 prepaid transactions.

Does anyone need to be home to receive the delivery?
No, Environmental Bin Sales delivers most orders via our own transport. As proof of delivery, a photo is taken and the serial number recorded. We discretely place your bin so no one needs to know that you are spending up big on a new wheelie bin. Bins are placed as per your request inside your gate, loading dock, on your front lawn, bin bay or next to your older, wiser bins. The possibilities are endless…

Are your products Australian made?
Manufactured to ISO
Yes – Wherever possible, we source Australian made wheelie bins and various other products. Some of our range is made in New Zealand, and some of our four-wheeled bins are made in Europe. The country of origin is detailed on the product.

Do you have a minimum order quantity? 
Yes, in this universe the minimum order quantity is 1. (Orders from other realities where no or negative stock is dispatched may incur a transdimensional surcharge of 6.2%.)


Do you have coloured wheelie bins?
Yes! We have an assortment of  wonderful colours for you to chose from: dark green, nature green, grey, black, red, yellow, blue, burgundy, purple, orange, brown, white and food grade natural (translucent).

Do you hire wheelie bins?
No, we generally don’t hire out any of our bins for general use.  The exception being for film, television and promotional use where the stock is not exposed to direct contamination. This gives you, our valued customers, a sense of de ja vu , a daily brush with fame and smile knowing that their bin is famous*.


*We do not guarantee that your bin is famous.

Do you collect or dispose of rubbish or broken bins?
No, we don’t collect or dispose of any rubbish. Contact your local council for removal of broken bins.

Can I have different coloured lids?
Yes, you sure can – you can have a different coloured lid to the body colour, such as red bins with blue lids, or grey bins with yellow lids.

Do you supply used wheelie bins?
No, we supply FRESH, CLEAN, CUSTOM MADE bins. Gourmet wheelie bins delivered daily

Do you supply gourmet bins?
No the closest we get is mixing and matching lids and bases to support local teams and businesses. We do supply certified food grade wheelie bins but they are not gourmet.

What happens if my product arrives damaged?
Please let us know immediately if your goods arrived damaged – will have them replaced, but you must let us know within 7 days of receiving your order.

Do you accept returns on products for change of mind?
No but will try to help you find a suitable buyer in your area if you wish to purchase another bin from us.

Do you sell replacement parts for household bins?
Yes. Please contact your local council for any household bins or replacement parts – usually this is a free service offered to households by the council, with a few exceptions.